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Maine Beer Company

Do What's Right

From day one, our core belief has been to do what’s right, no matter what.

1% of our gross annual sales are donated to environmental nonprofits through our partnership with 1% for the Planet. All contributions made above and beyond your final check are also donated to nonprofits.

We invest in minimizing our carbon footprint, and are committed to powering this brewery and tasting room using only clean energy sources.

We provide all full-time employees with a minimum starting wage of $18/hour, 100% paid health insurance, at least 3 weeks paid time off, and contribute 5% or more toward their retirement.

We hold our beer to a high standard and refuse to compromise on quality. Each beer goes through extensive lab and sensory testing to ensure that every ounce complies with our belief in quality over quantity.

We are able to all this because you buy our beer. Thank you!

Our Partners

Maine Beer Company has been a proud member of 1% for the Planet since our founding in 2009. The reach of our beer community has allowed us to share this commitment to the environment with a much larger audience than we would ever have imagined when our company was founded. Listed below are some of the partners that we have worked with through our 1% for the Planet network. From our annual giving, our staff scholarships, events, and volunteer work, the work we have done with these organizations continues to have a meaningful impact on both our community and our planet.

Equity, Inclusion & Justice

As a member of Crafted for All, at Maine Beer Company, we are committed to constantly working to create both a workplace and a tasting room that are equitable, inclusive and just. We hold ourselves accountable to both internal organizational change to assess and evolve our company policies and practices, but also to promoting external changes that help create a welcoming and inclusive beer community.


Our commitment to the environment is a core part of Maine Beer Company’s values. We aim to create a company culture of sustainability with projects ranging from our use of renewable energy, to our donation of spent grain to farmers, and our work improving our recycling and compost systems. Through our Blue Crew sustainability team, we develop new projects in house and support our partner organizations through volunteer work, and green events, and initiatives to promote renewable energy use and land preservation.