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Maine Beer Company

Black Barn Program No. 36 Altbier Release

Date/Time: August 2nd, 2022
Location: Maine Beer Company

In the early 19th century, lager mania swept through Germany. Two cities were chosen to carry on the old ways of brewing clear, rich German Ales: Cologne with their namesake Kölsch, and Düsseldorf with their malty, nobly-hopped Altbier. Together they spurned the rise of lagers and continued their traditions of cold-storing ales until they were so clear you could read Goethe through a full glass.

A good, traditional Altbier is hard to find these days, and with Black Barn Program No. 36, we worked to keep the recipe as traditional as possible to bring you a light, copper colored, crushable beer to complement the heat of a lovely Maine Summer. Prost!

Black Barn Program No. 36 Altbier will be released in bottles and on draft exclusively from our tasting room on Tuesday August 2nd.

Black Barn Program No. 36 Altbier