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Maine Beer Company
2023 bottlemocks BBP45

Black Barn Program

Bottles & Draft Tasting Room Only

"I delight at the sight of the black barn as a building, as a passageway to some of the best pale ales and IPAs on the planet. But it’s also a portal to a funhouse version of this beloved brewery’s beers – a playground of stylistic interpretations executed with care and skill, as we’ve come to expect from Maine Beer Co." Ben Lisle, Portland Press Herald

Our Black Barn Program is about creativity, learning, and challenging our team to brew the highest quality beer.

Stemming from our pilot program, this series of beers allows our brewers to work with new styles/recipes, new ingredients, and new processes.

Each beer goes through extensive lab testing and our robust sensory program in order to comply with our belief in quality over quantity. Black Barn beers are brewed on our 15BBL brewhouse and will be available in bottles and on draft exclusively in our tap room.

No. 45 English Brown Ale
No. 44 Festbier
No. 43 Oatmeal Stout
No. 42 Grisette Farmhouse Ale
No. 41 Kölsch Style Ale
No. 40 Irish Red Ale
No. 39 Smoked Helles
No. 38 Barleywine Style Ale
No. 37 Blonde Ale
No. 36 Altbier
No. 35 Irish Dry Stout
No. 34 Double India Pale Ale
No. 33 Black Ale
No. 32 American Wheat Ale
No. 31 India Pale Lager
No. 30 Scottish Ale
No. 29 India Pale Ale
Baltic Porter
No. 28 Imperial Stout
No. 27 American Stout
No. 26 Amber Rye
No. 25 Session India Pale Ale
No. 24 Kölsch Style Ale
No. 23 Double India Pale Ale
No. 22 India Pale Ale
No. 21 Cream Ale
No. 20 Oyster Stout
No. 19 India Pale Ale
No. 18 Imperial Stout
No. 17 Double India Pale Ale
No. 16 Veterans Blend India Pale Ale
No. 15 Fresh Hop India Pale Ale
No. 14 American Wheat
No. 13 Blonde Ale
No. 12 Rye Porter
No. 11 India Pale Ale
No. 10 India Pale Ale
No. 9 Imperial Stout
No. 8 Hoppy Brown Ale
No. 7 Wet Hop India Pale Ale
No. 6 Belgian Style Pale Ale
No. 5 Session India Pale Ale
No. 4 Hoppy Pilsner
No. 3 India Pale Ale
No. 2 Maine Special Bitter
No. 1 India Pale Ale